Q.  What type of investigation cases do you take?

A.  We do all types of investigations including but not limited to surveillance, back-ground checks, criminal history checks, domestic, and child custody cases.

Q.  How much is surveillance?

A.  We charge $50 per hour within a 50 mile radius and $75 per hour outside of that area.

Q.  Do all cases cost $50 per hour?

A.  No. Besides surveillance, which is always $50/$75 hour, each case is priced on an individual basis.  There is a retainer fee on most cases.

Q.  Do I get any concrete evidence after the investigation is complete?

A.  Yes, you will receive any photos, video surveillance, or written documentation procured during the course of the investigation.

Q.  Do you testify in court?

A.  Yes, a licensed private investigator will be available to testify in court for an hourly fee.

Q.  Can an appointment only be scheduled during office hours?

A.  No.  An appointment can be scheduled by request for any time and at any location convenient to you.

Hours of Operation:

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday  9 to 5pm

Appointments Available by Request

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